24-Hour Emergency Head Injury Treatment in Harris County, TX

Traumatic Head Injury Treatment

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Head injuries can range from very minor to very major. From a bump on the head to a concussion, skull fracture, or traumatic brain injury.

Minor head injury can affect your brain cells temporarily, serious or major head injury can lead to bruising, torn tissue, bleeding, or any other injuries to the brain. Injuries of this severity can lead to long-term complications or even death. 

Always seek medical attention for any head injury, our facility is available for walk-ins 24/7 and has the personnel and equipment to fully diagnose any head injury.

Causes of head injury:


  • Falls – Most common cause of brain injury among older adults and children

  • Automobile Accidents – Collisions involving pedestrians, motorcycles/bicycles, or cars are a common cause of brain injury

  • Sports Injuries – High impact or extreme sports are a very common cause of head and brain injury among youth

  • Physical Assault – Physical fights where the head is punched, kicked, or hit with blunt objects can cause serious head and brain injury

  • Violence – Gun shot wounds, child abuse, or even domestic violence are also very common causes for head injury. Shaken Baby Syndrome is a brain injury that occurs in infants when they are violently shaken. 

Your head is very susceptible to injury whether it be minor or major, that is because while it surrounded by the skull, majority of the blood vessels in your body are located within the brain, any injury can cause bleeding on or within the brain, which should be attended to by a medical professional for a correct diagnosis.

Symptoms can vary depending on the severity of the injury, they can either be noticeable right after a traumatic event, while others can take days or even weeks to appear. Common symptoms of a head injury are: 



Nausea or vomiting


Fatigue or drowsiness


Dizziness or loss of balance


Problems with speech




Slurred speech


Loss of coordination


Numbness or weakness in legs or arms


Loss of consciousness for extended periods of time


Memory loss 

When to seek Emergency Treatment

It is always recommended to go and receive immediate treatment following any major head injury. If any symptoms after a minor head injury are still for 2 weeks after, the person should go and seek medical advice and treatment. If any signs or symptoms appear following an injury, seek emergency help right away. Some people won’t have any signs of a head injury right after a traumatic event.