24-Hour Emergency Fall Treatment in Harris County, TX

Best Treatment After a Fall

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Falls at any age are very dangerous. Young children and babies can get hurt falling off furniture or down the stairs. Older children can fall off playground equipment. Older adults have the higher risk of falling. They are more likely to fracture a bone when they fall, with the chances of a fracture higher if they have osteoporosis.


There are many common causes for falls, they include:


  • Balance Problems

  • Some medication, which can make you dizzy, confused, or feel slow

  • Vision problems

  • Alcohol, which can affect reflexes and balance

  • Muscle weakness, especially in the legs, can make it harder to keep your balance on an uneven surface, or from getting up from a chair

  • Certain illnesses, such as low blood pressure, diabetes, and neuropathy

  • Slow reflexes, which can make it harder to keep your balance, or move out the way of a hazard

  • Loosing footing or traction, causing tripping or slipping


There’s always changes that people can make to prevent or lower the risk of falling. It is important to take care of your health, regular eye exams can prevent vision problems, which can help avoid hazards. Regular exercise can strengthen your muscles and bones, this improving balance. In order to strengthen your bones, make sure you get enough calcium and vitamin D.