24-Hour Emergency Dislocation Treatment in Harris County, TX

Bone Dislocation Treatment

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A dislocation is characterized as an injury to the joint, where two or more bones come together , in which the ends of your bones are forced from their normal positions. Dislocations are common in the shoulders and fingers, but can include elbows, knees, and hips. If you suspect you have a dislocation, seek immediate medical help in order to return your bones to their proper positions. 


The symptoms of a dislocation are similar to a broken bone. For either type of injury, it is urgent to get a doctor to look at the injury to diagnose and treat. 


Visibly deformed and out of place


Swollen or discolored


Intensely painful




Dislocations can commonly happen in contact sports such as football, and sports that have a lot of falling in them (etc. downhill skiing, volleyball). Basketball and football players can also dislocate the joints in their fingers and hands by accidentally striking the ball or other players themselves. During an automobile accident, a person can dislocate an arm from a hard blow to the joint and landing on the arm outstretched. 


For treatment of a dislocation, always seek medical attention and treatment for such an injury. Let the doctor try to reinsert the bone back into the normal position before any complications can occur within the joint. 


As for prevention, always wear protective gear and equipment during any contact sports, and try to prevent the dislocation from happening again, once a joint has been dislocated, it becomes more susceptible for injury again.