Emergency Cuts & Lacerations Treatment in Harris County, TX

Treatment of Cuts And Lacerations

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A cut and laceration refers to a wound on the skin where separation with the connective elements have occurred. Unlike an abrasion which is caused by scraping which results in skin missing, a cut is when the skin is separated. A laceration is a torn or jagged wound, with the same treatment as a cut. 

Although cuts and lacerations are not considered medical emergencies, if the wound is deep enough, stitches may be required to promote healing, prevent infection, and minimize scars from forming. 

If you have a cut or laceration that requires a medical professional to look at and take care, come to our facility open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We can have our emergency room physicians administer stitches if needed, and make sure your cut heals quickly and properly. 

Home treatment for minor cuts and lacerations:


If the cut or laceration is a small one that doesn’t require a visit to the emergency room, you can clean and bandage it from home.


  • Use Water – Use cold water, soap, and a soft cloth to clean gravel, dirt or debris around the wound. Avoid having soap directly in the wound because it can cause irritation. 

  • Apply Pressure – Small cuts and lacerations will stop bleeding shortly after injury. If your injury continues to bleed, apply pressure to the wound using a clean cloth or gauze. If cloth becomes soaked with blood, do not remove, apply another piece on top of current and continue to apply pressure to the cut. 

  • Use Antibiotics – Apply antibiotic ointment. Any size cut can get infected if not treated properly, antibiotic ointment will moisturize and disinfect the area. 

  • Leave Scabs alone – Once the cuts begin to heal, they will form a scab. The scab is part of the body’s natural healing process, once the wound is almost fully healed, the scab will fall off itself. 

When to seek Emergency Treatment

Majority of lacerations and cuts can be treated at home, but if the cut is a jagged edge, is gaping open or on your face, it will be better to visit an emergency room. Also, if the cut has red streaks on it, has puss draining or the area has become tender, go receive emergency treatment right away.